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Letters of Credit (LC - Sight / Usance)

Whether you are an exporter or an importer, Axis Bank offers a gamut of services to meet your entire Letter of Credit requirement including Opening, Advising and Confirming LCs. We also structure complex Letters of credit, Back to Back LCs to suit specific transaction requirements.

Bill Collection Services

Axis Bank offers flexible and efficient handling of commercial and financial documents for Imports and Exports. We have in place an extensive network and correspondent banking arrangements to facilitate the same.

Trust Receipt Loans

This financing facility can bridge the gap between payment for imported goods and receipt of funds through subsequent sales, thus giving our customers greater flexibility and liquidity. This ensures that our customers do not miss any business opportunities due to inadequate cash flow.

Invoice Financing

For customers who wish to import their products on Open Account terms, we provide Invoice Financing facilities. Such facilities are tailored to customers' needs to carry out their import activities without using a Documentary Credit.

Export LC Negotiation

We can provide immediate payment to our customers on presentation of shipping documents under a LC transaction. Our experienced staff checks documents and correct errors to ensure compliance before submission to the LC issuing bank.

Purchase of Export Documents

We can purchase / discount export documents in both kinds of export arrangements - Documents against Payment (D/P) and Documents against Acceptance (D/A).

This facility allows our customers to receive a cash advance against an expected payment under Documentary Collections thus improving their cash flow.

Receivables Discounting

We can provide discounting for export bills with or without recourse basis, for sales to Buyers acceptable to us. Thus, customers may leverage Axis Bank's extensive understanding of Indian corporates for financing of their sales under Documentary Collection terms to Buyers in India. Through such a facility, the credit risk of the Buyer is covered by the Bank and the financing may be made with or without recourse to our customer.

Short term loans/ Overdraft facility

Axis Bank offers working capital finance by way of overdraft or short term working capital loans, suitably structured to your needs and your risk profile. These products are designed to ease the liquidity position of the client.

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Any professional style resume will do. However, for banking and finance employment, your sales background is key. Emphasize your ability to meet and exceed sales quotas and projects that improved sales within companies you have previously worked for.

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