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  • In July, MBNA’s Digital team won “Best Digital Marketing Campaign of the Year” for the second year running at the 2014 Big Chip Awards. The team received this award for their Summer Travel Services Campaign.
  • Trade Finance magazine announced in June that BofA Merrill was voted “Best Trade Finance Bank in the USA” in the publication’s Trade Finance Awards for Excellence 2014. This is the second consecutive year that the bank has been ranked number one in the U.S.
  • In June, comScore rated Bank of America No. 1 in Online Bank Bill Pay Dollar Share, No. 1 in Active Online Checking Prospect Traffic, and No. 1 in Active Mobile Users.
  • For the second consecutive year, Bank of America received the No. 1 ranking from Keynote Systems for small business digital banking. The bank was also ranked No. 1 in Online Banking Functionality; No. 1 in Mobile App Services – iOS and Android; No. 1 in Online Credit Card Functionality – Quality and Availability; and No. 1 in Small Business Online Banking [ranked “Best in Class” in all four key evaluation criteria (Functionality, Ease of Use, Privacy & Security, and Quality & Availability)].
  • MBNA won “Best Collections and Recoveries Department” in the Consumer Credit Team of the Year Category at the Credit Today awards in May in London and also achieved finalist status in five other categories.
  • In May, Global Finance magazine named BofA Merrill the Best Supply Chain Finance Provider in North America.
  • Merrill Lynch was awarded “Advisory Solutions Sponsor Product of the Year” by the Money Management Institute (MMI) for its investment advisory platform, Merrill Lynch One. The award category recognizes the introduction of the year’s most innovative solution and its contribution to the growth of the wealth management industry.
  • BofA Merrill Lynch Global Research was named No. 1 Global Research Firm for the third straight year by Institutional Investor magazine.
  • MBNA was named “Credit Card Provider of the Year” at the Consumer Moneyfacts Awards.
  • In March, Merrill Edge was honored in five separate industry reviews, including recognition as a customer service leader, a provider of excellent content for investors and one of the top online brokers. Merrill Edge was highly ranked in the 2014 Barron’s Online Brokerage Review, 2014 Online Broker Review, Corporate Insight Monitor Awards, Investor’s Business Daily special report on the best online brokers of 2013, and the Customer Service Institute of America.
  • In March, Bank of America Merrill Lynch was named by Global Finance magazine as Best Overall Bank for Cash Management in North America for the fourth consecutive year. The publication also named BofA Merrill as North America winner for Best Bank for Liquidity Management for the third straight year and Best Bank for Risk Management.
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Don't forget the investment bankers.

by mammon

The Warburgs by Ron Chernow
In April 1921, Paul, encouraged by Max, launched the International Acceptance Bank in New York. The IAB’s blue ribbon shareholders ranged from Kuhn, Loeb to the London Rothschilds. It specialized in a form of trade finance called banker’s acceptances, which had long existed in Europe, but only became possible in America under the Fed. An acceptance was a short-term credit extended by a bank to a customer. Paul and Max acted as a critical conduit of Wall Street money at a time when credit was scarce. Already in 1920, the Warburgs pulled off a big transatlantic deal for the German electrical company, AEG, selling a quarter of its new loan issue to the Guggenheims

The American Way of War

by justyouraveragecitizen

By Walden Bello
By Washington's logic, firecrackers should now be going off everywhere, as the counter-terror crusaders zero in on Osama bin Laden's hideout in Tora Bora. However, Europe is cool, there is apprehension throughout the South, and outright despondency blankets much of the Arab and Muslim world.
The reasons are obvious: at least 4000 dead, a large number of them civilians, four million refugees, a return to tribal chaos with the dismemberment of central authority. What bin Laden and his organization did was horrific and inexcusable--but to do this to a country in the name of justice? Once again, the Americans have destroyed the town in order to save it

The BIGGEST Transfer of Wealth in History

This week began with alarm bells. First Bridgewater Associates broke the glass and pulled the handle; it said the conflagration in the credit markets might lead to losses four times higher than previous estimates - at $1.6 trillion. A lot of money - even for someone who lives in London.
Bridgewater helpfully pointed out that this was just the beginning; the world would lose an additional $12 trillion in foregone credit. When the going is good, each ounce of a bank's share capital grows into as much as a pound of credit available to borrowers. But when the cycle turns, the shrinkage takes your breath away

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