Yuan usage in trade finance

Best Trade Financing Bank in China

Recently, the selection result of “2012 Gold Medal Table of China Financial Institutions・Jinlong Award” was published, in which Bank of China was awarded the Best Annual Trade Financing Bank. The selection was sponsored by Financial Times under the assistance of Institute of Finance and Banking, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences.

Trade Financing is a core advantage business of BOC. As at late November in 2012, by giving play to its advantages of global network, BOC Group broke through USD 2.5 trillion in respect of international settlement amount, with cross-border RMB settlement amount breaking through RMB 2.2 trillion, both of which took the lead worldwide. Business of balance of foreign currency letter of guarantee of domestic institutions absolutely dominated the market, while business volume of two-factor export factoring has topped the world for several years.

Considering the respect of objective and public data as a premise, “Gold Medal Table of China Financial Institutions・Jinlong Award” comprehensively ranks financial institutions in accordance with indicator system, comprehensive evaluation and experts evaluation on participants, this year’s selection paid special attention to performance of financial institutions in supporting of real economy, development through innovation and others. This award revealed BOC’s outstanding strength in the field of trade financing.

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Why trade finance is attractive to banks?

low risk,profitable,self liquidating and can cross sell

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