Riyad Bank Trade Finance Center Jeddah

4Riyad Bank recently held three seminars in Riyadh, Jeddah and Al-Khobar under the title “Trade and Cash Solutions for Corporate Customers”. They were organised by the bank’s corporate banking division and were well attended by a large group of the bank’s corporate clients in all three regions.

Opening remarks were made by Ossama A. Bukhari, executive vice-president – corporate banking division. These were followed by engaging and informative presentations on trade finance, cash management and e-channels.

The seminars showcased both existing and forthcoming product offerings by Riyad Bank in the areas of trade finance and cash management.

The bank informed the audience of its plans to introduce new trade solutions under open account trade, including the Bank Payment Obligation (BPO). On top of that, it said it also offered faster processing for customers using the bank’s e-trade solution.

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The World's Largest Banks Are Now Trapped

by Magnum

By Gary North
The subprime mortgage crisis constitutes the worst banking error in my lifetime. Nothing else comes close.
It has visibly begun to unravel. The European Central Bank on Tuesday, December 18, opened a line of credit of $500 billion to commercial banks.
The Federal Reserve System under Greenspan was the prime instigator. It forced down short-term interest rates by supplying the overnight bank-to-bank loan market with sufficient liquidity to drop the rate to 1%. This encouraged banks to make loans at low rates.
These loans were short-term loans

Banks Financing Mexico Gangs Admitted

by Alcoholocaust

In Wells Fargo Deal
Just before sunset on April 10, 2006, a DC-9 jet landed at the international airport in the port city of Ciudad del Carmen, 500 miles east of Mexico City. As soldiers on the ground approached the plane, the crew tried to shoo them away, saying there was a dangerous oil leak. So the troops grew suspicious and searched the jet.
They found 128 black suitcases, packed with 5.7 tons of cocaine, valued at $100 million. The stash was supposed to have been delivered from Caracas to drug traffickers in Toluca, near Mexico City, Mexican prosecutors later found

I'm beginning to think that we have been lied to

by honorbound86

We have been brainwashed into thinking Politicians are protecting the American people. They're really protecting the interests of the largest corporations, and the wealthiest individuals in this country. That's right, We are dying for them. Big Oil (keep that foreign crude flowing, morons - we're almost done constructing the Trans-Afghani Pipeline. Too bad another 8 soldiers will be blown to pieces today)! Big banks - who promote war, as they finance the death and destruction! And let's not forget the Military-Industrial Complex - remember, Eisenhower warned us about these bastards!
The last time I looked, no one from al Qaeda is looking to do me any damage

Yuan begins trading against the rouble

by Spiro_Agnew

SHANGHAI - China started allowing the yuan to trade against the Russian rouble in the interbank market from Monday as policymakers promote the currency's use in global trade and finance.
The move will help "facilitate bilateral trade between China and Russia and help develop yuan trade settlements," according to a statement published on the website of the China Foreign Exchange Trade System (CFETS), a subsidiary of the People's Bank of China.
The central bank calculates the daily reference rate by taking an average of quotes from commercial banks designated to act as market makers, the statement said

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Hedge funds fuel international banks  — Miami Today
He noted that the association's member banks are active in correspondent banking, trade finance and international wealth management/private banking services.

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