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Trade Finance Bank Moscow

The Bank of Moscow is one of the largest Russian banks and pays considerable attention to the development of business with financial institutions both in Russia and abroad.

A professional team, broad product range and high level of service in correspondent banking relationships, documentary operations, and financial market transactions make working with the Bank of Moscow reliable and mutually beneficial.

The high reliability of the Bank of Moscow is confirmed by international rating agencies. Long-term credit ratings according to Moody’s Investors Service is Ba1, and according to Fitch Ratings — BBB.

Correspondent network of the Bank of Moscow has over 1, 000 international and 800 Russian financial institutions and covers both developed and developing countries that are trade partners of Russia.

Maintaining business relationships with correspondents around the world, the Bank of Moscow makes a significant contribution into maintaining foreign trade activities of Russian companies and, as a consequence, the development of the Russian economy as a whole.

Over 100 Russian banks hold correspondent accounts at the Bank of Moscow.

In 2013, the Bank of Moscow has once again been awarded by banks JP Morgan Chase and Commerzbank for the high quality of payments in U.S. dollars and euros. For this indicator, the Bank of Moscow for many years consistently shows high results.

The once mighty dollar continues to fade...

by jujyiui

However, in her discussion with Vladimir Putin, the head of the Russian central bank unveiled an elegant technical solution for this problem and left a clear hint regarding the members of the anti-dollar alliance that is being created by the efforts of Moscow and Beijing:
"We've done a lot of work on the ruble-yuan swap deal in order to facilitate trade financing. I have a meeting next week in Beijing," she said casually and then dropped the bomb: "We are discussing with China and our BRICS parters the establishment of a system of multilateral swaps that will allow to transfer resources to one or another country, if needed appliance repair San Diego Appliance repair.

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He noted that the association's member banks are active in correspondent banking, trade finance and international wealth management/private banking services.

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