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Trade Finance banks in London

Working closely with our clients, we take a proactive approach in helping to identify and respond to their needs as markets across the globe continue to evolve. This is of particular importance to our trade finance clients who tell us that our in-depth understanding and comprehensive solutions help them minimise the risks of international trade, whilst also maximising new business opportunities.

Our team has extensive expertise in the complexities and practicalities of trade finance and we use this knowledge to tailor our services to clients’ individual needs.

For trade finance clients, the bank is pleased to deliver a full package of banking facilities including:

A typical facility would be in the range of £2.5m - £25m for SMEs, with more substantial packages for larger UK and international groups.

In providing these services, our trade finance team works side by side with the and teams in order to cater for clients’ requirements.

British banks revolt against Obama tax plan

by tevie

British banks revolt against Obama tax plan
British banks and stockbrokers may refuse to take on American clients if new international tax proposals outlined by President Obama are passed.
By Louise Armitstead
Last Updated: 12:02AM BST 24 May 2009
The decision, which would make it hard for Americans in London to open bank accounts and trade shares, is being discussed by executives at Britain's banks and brokers who say it could become too expensive to service American clients. The proposals, which were unveiled as part of the president's first budget, are designed to clamp-down on American tax evaders abroad


by bloodofthegods

In no way are the London and New York bankers in control. They are reacting to events. Their many structures are fast crumbling. Their bond markets are held up by paper emissions in ever increasing volumes. Their currencies are at war with each other, not simply competition. Their banks are grotesquely insolvent, kept afloat by direct monetary inflation, open state welfare, and oppressive taxes. The central banks are stuck in the ZIRP corner with only QE as an option, otherwise known as dead money and hyper monetary inflation. Weimar is alive and vigorous on its destructive rampage. The global trade settlement system is making steady progress in a non-USDollar alternative, which will strip the United States of the global currency reserve privilege, abused to the hilt

Central Banks souring on US Dollar

by Point

LONDON: Central banks around the world are continuing to diversify their reserves by cutting their dollar holdings.
Italy, Russia, Sweden and Switzerland have made "major adjustments" in foreign-exchange holdings favoring the euro and the pound, according to the poll, which was conducted by Central Banking Publications between September and December 2006.
"Central banks are open to saying they've been diversifying to improve returns and reduce exposure to any single currency," said Sean Callow, senior currency strategist at Westpac Banking in Singapore. "There's no doubt that when they say 'diversification' they mean selling dollars

London's view on the US housing market

The US housing boom is over, and prices may take years to stabilise, let alone recover. The London based Lombard Street Research has given a serious warning about the outlook for the US economy. Lombard Street has an excellent track record, and uses a monetary model to make its economic forecasts.
Ambrose Evans Prichard, a journalist well known to American readers for his reporting of the Clinton administration, reflects in the London Daily Telegraph that “the real US hard landing starts now,” if Lombard Street proves correct. Charles Dumas, Lombard Street’s chief global economist believes that “it’s going to be a long grind for two or three years, not as bad as Japan, but going in that direction

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Hedge funds fuel international banks  — Miami Today
He noted that the association's member banks are active in correspondent banking, trade finance and international wealth management/private banking services.

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