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-First ever guide-Fully comprehensive overview of the market-Specifications for contracts includedThe 1998 edition of the Commodity Trading Manual,the first and most accessible guide to the futures industry,continues to provide new industry professionals and potential end users with a comprehensive overview of the market. The CTM gives an inside look on day-to-day exchange operations,and five cash market chapters provide a solid grasp of the market fundamentals. A glossary,a directory of major futures exchanges worldwide,and specifications for the most actively traded futures and options contracts are included.The CTM looks both at futures' past,from ancient Greece to old Chicago,and futures' future,with updated coverage of major industry trends-the rise of new and international markets,OTC derivatives,and electronic trading. Chapters end with annotated bibliographies for more information.

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Ch 3. African structured trade and commodity finance
Ch 3. African structured trade and commodity finance

Hedge fund "Trade of the Day"

by Short-Gold

"The outcomes are asymmetric. Go long gold and win: you're just a trend follower who will eake out year end results slightly weaker than the commodity you chased. Go long and lose: you failed to see a bubble and now you're lemming. Go short and win: you are a contrarian hero. Go short and lose: it was the Fed's fault."

Commodity finance being done by Trading Houses  — Spend Matters
And banks fund these companies through trade lines, just like they fund so many hedge funds, factors, and others now interested in trade receivables. See – Shadow Banking Market grows and grows and Commodity Trade Finance – Still the Banks' Domain.

McGraw-Hill Mastering the Trade, Second Edition: Proven Techniques for Profiting from Intraday and Swing Trading Setups
Book (McGraw-Hill)

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Is there any classic books on commodity trading?

Or some top level journals or research institutions which reveal their reports.


I am not exactly sure what type of information you are looking for, but most of such reports and data are only available on a subscription basis or in hard copy book form and are not available for free. Here are some links:

What books would give an introduction to commodity trading?

Some books that would give an introduction to commodity trading is Futures 101: An Introduction to Commodity Trading and A Trader's First Book on Commodities. You can get both from Amazon.

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