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World Bank worries will drag DJIA down today.

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See you at 6000.
Developing world may need $700 billion -World Bank
Sun Mar 8, 2009 7:42pm EDT
By Lesley Wroughton
DAR ES SALAAM, March 8 (Reuters) - Developing countries could face a financing gap of $270 billion to $700 billion this year as trade income dwindles and rich nations vie for capital to deal with a global slump, the World Bank said on Sunday.
The World Bank said even at the lower end of that estimate, resources of international institutions would not be sufficient to meet the financing needs as more and more emerging and developing countries are hit


I must take issue.
Asset prices inversely related to interest rates? No. Pull out some charts. Historically, commodity prices and bond yields move in tandem, especially noteworthy in times of monetary inflation, which btw estimated US M3 growth is more like around 9% here lately. US housing hasn't slowed overall credit growth one iota.
Judging from Chindia's changing lifestyle in regards to consumption, I couldn't disagree more regarding supply/demand issues on commodities. If anything, I'd say comm prices are suppressed by Paulsen & co, and don't reflect true supply/demand issues now

Speculate this

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Amalgamated Bank, which manages worker retirement funds, today sought to freeze the bank accounts of senior executives at Enron Corp., alleging they reaped huge profits by artificially inflating the stock price of the once-mighty energy trader.
In a lawsuit filed in U.S. District Court in Houston, the bank called Enron a 'grotesque fraud,' and said insiders gained about $1.1 billion from the sale of more than 17.3 million shares of stock over the past three years.
Enron's market value peaked at almost $80 billion in August 2000, and has plunged to less than $1 billion after the Houston company said it misstated earnings by about $600 million and U

INTERNATIONAL MONETARY FUND Financial Crises: Causes, Consequences, and Policy Responses

Commodity finance being done by Trading Houses  — Spend Matters
And banks fund these companies through trade lines, just like they fund so many hedge funds, factors, and others now interested in trade receivables. See – Shadow Banking Market grows and grows and Commodity Trade Finance – Still the Banks' Domain.

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