Natixis planned to shed 500 to

Natixis commodity trade Finance

* Possible bidders - VTB, China Construction, Wells Fargo

* LME stake and ring-dealing membership seen valuable

By Christian Plumb and Eric Onstad

PARIS/LONDON, Feb 23 (Reuters) - French investment bank Natixis plans to "significantly reduce" its commodities market activities, its chief executive said on Thursday, as it scales back exposure to less profitable activities.

Natixis said in January in an internal presentation that it had received and was studying expressions of interest for its commodities unit, and the comments by Chief Executive Laurent Mignon are a sign that it may still be in play.

"I don't comment on market rumours, but it's clear that we'll significantly reduce our activities on the commodities market, " Mignon told journalists in a conference call focused on results.

Natixis is one of several French banks that have been scaling back their commodities presence after dollar financing evaporated amid rising anxiety about the euro zone debt crisis.

Mignon, reiterating earlier statements in the internal document obtained by Reuters, described the commodities financing business as "extremely profitable and successful" and said would be spared.

"But in terms of hedging and the commodities market, we have too weak a critical mass to be profitable, " he said.

The bank's Commodity Markets unit - the main candidate for sale - offers derivatives on a range of metals, fuels and commodities as well as currencies, while a separate unit within its Structured Finance business offers commodities trade finance.

Potential bidders for Commodity Markets include Russia's VTB , China Construction Bank and Wells Fargo & Co, market sources have said.

One high-level metals trading source with knowledge of Chinese banks questioned whether a unit of a European bank would be a good fit for a Chinese bank due to different regional attitudes toward risk. On the other hand, China Construction was more Western-oriented than some others, the source said.


"All the Chinese banks are trying to get into commodities, but Construction Bank is one of the ones more open to getting into the worldwide markets ... For Construction Bank, that (buying the Natixis commodity unit) would fast-track it to the same level as Bank of China, " the source said.

Bank of China International is ahead of its peers in building up a commodities trading business and is due to join the London Metal Exchange (LME) in the coming months.

The source said Natixis may be hoping for rich proceeds after the sale of MF Global's membership in LME ring-dealing - or open outcry trading - and its LME shares attracted strong interest late last year.

JPMorgan paid 25 million pounds ($39 million) for MF Global's LME stake of 4.7 percent, sources familiar with the situation said. Natixis has a category 1 ring-dealing membership and 250, 000 ordinary LME shares, which alone are worth 10.4 million pounds, based on the price JPMorgan paid.

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French banks' dominance in trade finance weakens  — Gulf Times
Kris Van Broekhoven, global head of commodity trade finance at Citi, said large trading houses were effectively doing part of the job previously done by banks. “Some of the large trading houses are bridging the time between when financing is required ..

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