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Top financial trading companies

The recession proved to be grueling for most businesses, but the financial services industry took an especially brutal hit. Massive layoffs, government bailouts, negative headlines and countless scandals damaged the public’s perception of some of the biggest finance firms.

Today, while several companies and chief executives are still struggling to rebuild a reputation and recover the prestige they once had, many have recuperated well. In fact, employees at some of the top financial services corporations are once again highly satisfied with their workplaces and their leadership.

Glassdoor’s data analysis team leafed through thousands of employee reviews on more than 100 companies in the financial industry to determine how the top accounting firms, asset management companies, banks, brokerages, credit card companies, mutual fund managers, as well as transaction, credit and collections companies performed this year. To be included in the evaluation, companies had to have at least 30 reviews submitted by employees to Glassdoor between July 24, 2012, and July 23, 2013.

“The report asks employees how satisfied they are with their employer as a place to work, and to what extent they approve of the way their chief executive officer is leading the company, ” says Glassdoor spokesperson Samantha Zupan. Respondents are asked to rate their company on a 5-point scale (1 = very dissatisfied, 5 = very satisfied).

“The Glassdoor report highlights the companies in the financial services industry that are performing well when it comes to employee satisfaction, ” Zupan adds. “For those looking for a job in this industry, this report can point to some of the companies a job seeker may want to try researching first to identify if one of these companies may be a good fit for them.”

Susquehanna International Group, a 26-year-old Pennsylvania-based global investment and trading company, holds the top spot with a company rating of 4.1. Last year the firm, which services securities markets worldwide, earned a 3.7 rating.

“Employees at Susquehanna speak to the opportunities to learn and grow, the manageable work weeks in terms of hours on the job and the entrepreneurial environments that allow for relative freedom and flexibility, ” says Zupan. “They also speak favorably about the great benefits, the sense of autonomy at work, and the access to great technology.”

A Pennsylvania-based worker said SIG is filled with smart people. “They [also] invest heavily in technology. There’s a lot of opportunity to learn new things and be surrounded be intellectual people. Benefits and pay and fairly decent, and there’s many perks – free breakfast/lunch, onsite car service, pharmacy, doctor, etc. If you take care of SIG, they will take care of you. My team had zero micromanagement, and I was able to be very autonomous.”

Enron was a company in love with itself

by houseofcards

Enron was a company in love with itself. Office affairs were rampant, divorce among senior executives an epidemic, and stories of couples steaming up glass-walled offices after late-night meetings were the talk of Houston.
'It was insane,' says a former energy trader, soothing her financial injuries with a margarita.
'There were no rules for people, even in our personal lives. Everything was about the company and everything was supposed to be on the edge - sex, money, all of it.'
But the music has suddenly stopped. Savings and pensions have been wiped out, careers destroyed and America's version of free-market capitalism dragged into the interrogation room
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Arthur Andersen irregular accounting

by distroyevidence

Three months ago, financial experts asked the same question about the Enron Corp, the giant energy trading company that was Andersen’s second-largest client in 2000. Beset by questions about self-dealing by its top executives and the accuracy of its financial statements, Enron rapidly collapsed, costing shareholders tens of billions of dollars and leaving thousands of its employees out of work.
Besides Enron itself, no company has been more seriously wounded by its collapse than Andersen, one of the world’s largest accounting firms. With more than $9 billion in sales last year and 85,000 employees in 84 countries, Andersen is one of the Big Five that audit the financial statements of most publicly traded American companies

Bus and republicans hand in hand with enron and others

by backhanders

At least three top White House advisers involved in drafting President Bush's energy strategy held stock in the Enron Corp. or earned fees from the large Texas-based energy trading company, which lobbied aggressively to shape the administration's approach to energy issues. Karl Rove, Bush's chief political strategist; Lawrence B. Lindsey, the top economic coordinator; and I. Lewis Libby, Vice President Dick Cheney's chief of staff, all said in financial disclosure statement released on Friday that they already had or intended to divest themselves of holdings in Enron, the nation's leading trader and marketer of electricity and natural gas, as well as holdings in other energy companies

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