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First my stock trade for this week is a short sell on Chesapeake Energy (CHK), even though it looks for now like equities may continue up, and the dollar down. I’m betting on continued downtrend that Chesapeake has been in for over a year now. In case of a reversal, stick to stop loss and in case of profit use money management stops to lock in and book your profits. See below for more information on that. Now more on the recent G20 meeting in Korea last weekend.

The G20 group of global finance ministers and central bank governors promised to avoid weakening currencies more to lift exports and decided to wait for another G20 meeting next month to choose whether to put further pressure on member China to allow a faster price rise in the Chinese yuan.

They’re trying to calm fears of a global trade war resulting from using cheaper currencies to spark growth, and reduce the current trade imbalances present between countries right now. The meeting failed to give a signal to a reversal of weakness of the US dollar to try to give some strength the green-back.

What will the Federal Reserve do in its next meeting that will give direction to equities and the USD? More quantitative easing stimulating the economy and stocks, and depreciating the US dollar more? Or will the market disregard further QE, and pull a reversal?

I suggest the existing trend of dollar down, and equities grinding slowly up some more is still intact for now. I can’t see anything that’s going to stop people from continuing selling dollars for now, but with the US dollar in extreme oversold territory there could be a reversal coming.

My Stock Pick This Week

Is what you might say is a contrarian equity short sell on Chesapeak Energy to an otherwise current uptrend in the broad market right now. With the market leading financials not looking so good last week, this could possibly be signaling the future direction for the market.

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