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associated with importing and exporting.

Our full array of Global Trade Finance services, including Documentary Collections, Letters of Credit, and Standby Letters of Credit and Guarantees, make importing and exporting less risky and potentially more rewarding. In addition, Global Trade Finance provides innovative financing solutions to assist exporters with transactional risk mitigation, giving them a competitive edge. We work with export credit agencies, such as Export Development Canada, to help you reduce risk.

Enron was a creature of the global casino

by derivatives

Enron was a creature of the global casino, which applied the techniques of the derivatives markets to the electricity and natural gas markets. Enron's rapid rise was made possible by the 'Wall of Money' that the Federal Reserve and its partners in crime have pumped into the global system since the cardiac arrest which seized that system in Autumn 1998, in the wake of the Russian GKO default and the collapse of the Long-Term Capital Management (LTCM) hedge fund. Similarly, Enron's fall can be attributed to the failure of that 'Wall of Money' policy, which hyperinflated monetary aggregates while sharp deflation hit the financial assets supposed to be rescued by that wall of money

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About Capital City Bank Group, Inc. Capital City Bank Group, Inc. (NASDAQ:CCBG) is one of the largest publicly traded financial services companies headquartered in Florida and has approximately $2.6 billion in assets.

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