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I am a manager of Global Investments, LCC Company.
We are glad to inform you, that your resume has been successfully selected
from hundreds of candidates.
Search passed on site And now we would like to suggest
you to become our agent in the USA!
I am your personal manager, my name is Alexandre Davidov, and my task is to
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Some information about Global Investments, LCC Company.
Please attentively look through the file named "Description Global
Investments". This file contains information on the company.
General directions of ?Global Investments, LCC
are the following:
- Complex financial service of corporate clients;
- Financing international trade enterprises;
- Financing navigation business;
- Controlling of assets and private persons' fortune;
- Strategic consulting;
- Marketing service of operations clients, financial (non-financial)
partners and agents organization
Strategically, we serve the following five categories of clients:

- Institutional investors
- High-net-worth individual investors
- Entrepreneurs
- Portfolio company management teams
- Clients that need investment banking or management consulting

We help institutional investors and high-net-worth individual investors to
make successful private equity investments to optimize their portfolio
management. Private equity is an asset class that offers investors unique
opportunities and advantages. Our activities include all aspects of
investment research and analysis, due diligence, fund administration, in
addition to maintaining the broad vision required to identify and capture
private equity investment opportunities wherever they arise.

Within the ten years- experience ?Global Investments, LCC
and its
enterprises have accumulated a great number of documents and certificates
and worked out methods of planning and schemes on how to work in tens of
countries. ?Global Investments, LCC
is a professional member of
over-the-counter market. Financial risks are insured with Insurance Company.

Our company participates in the investment management on the territory of We have already clients from the USA who want to invest their capital in
Russian industry. Therefore we help the American businessmen to carry out
the financial analysis of Russian market for more effective investment of
their capital. At the request of the American clients we search for the most
favourable offers on work in the financial market of Russia. Thus we help

EU pushes for global financial trading tax

by crazee_unchained

They are going to take all stock and bond transactions "just a little bit".
Look, that still doesn't affect Buffett or Zukerberg at all. And they are both clamoring for higher taxes on themselves.
If you want to get them, you have to do the "totally fair tax". Tax all stocks holdings at a flat rate. France already has a wealth tax so why not just implement the "totally fair tax"?
It is better than a transaction tax because then you get to take people's money who don't sell

Financial crisis linked to Global Warming

As the global financial crisis takes hold, perhaps people are starting to wonder why we are being forced to accept enormous new taxes in the guise of an emissions trading scheme and curtail economic growth, is justified, based on what we actually know about the climate.
No tax money was used to reverse the climate change the last time it occured.

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