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Global Trade Finance company

AIG TradeCredit.com is an Internet-based credit and risk management tool that combines comprehensive credit insurance coverage with real-time access to credit information on customers. This powerful combination provides an effective way to help manage your accounts receivable.
Al Baraka Investment and Development Corporation
Middle East bankers. Site includes extensive descriptions of Islamic banking.
Finance company that offers short-term transactional financing for importers, exporters and other short-term borrowers. Services include Purchase Order Financing of up to 100% of cost, administration of letter of credit transactions, and factoring and financing of receivables.
Atlas Credit - Trade Finance
An UK company providing trade finance and factoring services.
Bankers Association for Foreign Trade
Association of US and international banks that promotes trade finance issues with the US and other governments.
Line of products that automates trade finance functions.
Multi-national bank created by the Central banks of Latin America and the Caribbean, specialized in foreign trade finance in the region.
Trade finance company based in Mexico.
Commercial Finance Association
Trade group for commercial finance companies factors banks and other financing agencies engaged in the asset-based financial services industry on an international national regional and local basis. Include members directory.
A venture capital fund dedicated to active investments in software and information-oriented start-ups in Central Europe.
Finance company that sells trade finance obligations as secondary financial market instruments. Transactions can be done online.
Short term secured lending to finance inventory purchasing. The company finaces small to mid-sized importers, distributors, manufacturers and wholesalers.
Company that provides alternative forms of short-term financing for qualified trade-related and commercial finance transactions.
Institute of International Finance
The Institute of International Finance, Inc., is the world s only global association of financial institutions. Members include most of the world s largest commercial banks and many investment banks, as well as a growing number of insurance companies, investment management firms, multinational firms and trading companies, export credit agencies, and multilateral agencies. Over half of its members are now European-based financial institutions, and representation from emerging market countries is increasing rapidly.
Currency service that also offers trade finance products in several currencies.
JPMorgan Chase Global Trade Services
Trade finance and supply chain infomration and consulting.
A marketplace allowing participants in the trade finance market to transact business with one another online and to obtain information to support buying and selling decisions. This information includes price data, public information about issuers of trade finance paper, and original political and economic research tightly focused on the trade finance market.
Wiley Day Trade Online
Book (Wiley)

SpotOption Expands in Hong Kong to Attract More Chinese Binary Brokers  — Forex Magnates
The huge Chinese market has been the major growth factor in the business expansion plans of many brokers and technology providers in the global financial trading industry.

W. W. Norton & Company Fugitive Denim: A Moving Story of People and Pants in the Borderless World of Global Trade
Book (W. W. Norton & Company)
Wiley Winning Global Markets: How Businesses Invest and Prosper in the World's High-Growth Cities
Book (Wiley)
Wiley The Travels of a T-Shirt in the Global Economy: An Economist Examines the Markets, Power, and Politics of World Trade
Book (Wiley)
Cato Institute In Defense of Global Capitalism
Book (Cato Institute)
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Info on LCD monitors in relation to globalization?

I was wondering if anyone had any good info (Articles, books, online websites/documents, etc) on LCD monitors in relation to globalization. When I say globalization I mean "where does it come from, who made it, its final point of sale, are there any trade/finance issues, etc". I have been looking for some detailed sources of information but have never been too good at finding stuff. This is for a school paper, so I would really appreciate if someone could give me some great info.

Thank You

They all come from China..... EXCEPT those that come from Taiwan (the other China)

or Korea...

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