The Department of Commerce has

Global Trade Finance Department

As a senior professional in the SMBC Global Trade Finance Dept, what opportunities do you see for experienced professionals in this field?

As a global bank, SMBC offers the opportunity to work with an experienced global team supporting financing to a large international customer base. SMBC has an extensive trade finance team around the world offering various trade finance products allowing employees to expand their knowledge in an exciting global environment. Additionally, SMBC offers training of the various banking products as well as opportunities to work with colleagues in the other areas of the Bank including: the Corporate Banking and Specialize Finance Departments, as well as the SMBC Nikko Capital Markets and SMBC Leasing and Finance organizations.

What made you choose banking?

My career up until joining SMBC, was in the industrial industry where I worked first for Marubeni America Corporation (a large Japanese Trading Company), followed by Black and Veatch, a large engineering firm, and then with General Electric supporting customers with financing solutions. I moved to SMBC to expand my knowledge of financing products and the banking industry and to broaden my experience and enhance my financial skills.

What makes your day both exciting and challenging?

My typical day involves working with our SMBC teams in all three regions of the world: I talk with our SMBC Europe and EMEA teams, as well as with our SMBC Asia and Latin America teams, to coordinate with these teams to provide competitive financing solutions matching our global customer needs. It is always a challenge to be a truly global bank, but it also rewarding when our customers are pleased with SMBC's services.

What skills are you looking for in an experienced professional?

The most important skill for me is a strong team player able to work successfully with our SMBC colleagues as well as with customers globally. In addition, I look for candidates who are hard workers with solid financial, presentation and negotiation skills.

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