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From traffic information to breakbulk cargo, UBM Global Trade covers it all. The firm, a subsidiary of global business media firm UBM, publishes magazines, newsletters, directories, and electronic content to the global trade and transportation markets, serving professionals in commercial sea, rail, and road transportation and logistics industries. Titles include Traffic World and The Journal of Commerce. It also owns PIERS Global Intelligence Solutions (the Port Import Export Reporting Service), a database of cargo movement information in North and South America. Formerly Commonwealth Business Media, in late 2008 the company split into two new groups, UBM Global Trade and UBM Aviation.


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PR and War

by disko

War Needs Good
Public Relations
By Norman Solomon
For some people, war is terror, disaster and death. For others, it's a PR problem.
At the Rendon Group, a public-relations firm with offices in Boston and Washington, pleasant news arrived the other day with a $397,000 contract to help the Pentagon look good while bombing Afghanistan. The four-month deal includes an option to renew through most of 2002.
This is a job for savvy PR pros who know how to sound humanistic. 'At the Rendon Group, we believe in people,' says the company's mission statement, which expresses 'our admiration and respect for cultural diversity' and proclaims a commitment to 'helping people win in the global marketplace

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The huge Chinese market has been the major growth factor in the business expansion plans of many brokers and technology providers in the global financial trading industry.

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