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Global Trade Finance Limited

We offer solutions tailored to meet your international banking
needs and manage the risks involved in doing business globally

Conducting international business from the island of Ireland often involves striking a balance between satisfying the requirements of the relatively more personal local business community and understanding the global marketplace. As part of The Royal Bank of Scotland Group (RBS), and as one of Ireland's most dynamic banks, Ulster Bank can provide the best of both worlds.

Global Trade Finance Solutions

Ulster Bank offers solutions tailored to meet your international banking needs and manage the risks involved in doing business globally.


Provides a relatively secure, universally recognised method for settling overseas trade debt.

Globalization with Reason

by fourtheweary

Governing Globalisation
An interview with George Monbiot, by Caspar Henderson of openDemocracy
George Monbiot, the leading environmental activist and writer, has been involved in many global campaigns of resistance to corporate and state power. But what positive social and political vision animates his work? Where does it contrast with that of globalisation’s advocates like Maria Cattaui, Peter Sutherland, and George Soros? And how does he see the future of the internationalist movement in the light of the ‘war on terrorism’? (v. long)
Caspar Henderson – openDemocracy has opened a debate on globalisation

Globalization from Below

by fortheweary

March 18 2001
Globalization from Below
by Patrick Bond
(Review of `Globalization from Below: The Power of Solidarity,' by Jeremy Brecher, Tim Costello and Brendan Smith, Cambridge, MA, South End Press.)
There are more than a dozen new english- language books aimed mainly at an audience of international-justice activists, strategists and intellectuals. I've got the pleasant task of reading these in my role as coordinator of a seminar of 20 masters and doctoral students which starts next week in Johannesburg.
Because it raises issues so well and so forthrightly, honestly considers competing arguments, I chose to make one book-- Globalization from Below--required reading (as I will do again in a similar seminar at York University in Toronto this summer)

Cooking the Books

by stock

What drives companies to 'cook the books' – or lie about their earnings
just how widespread this problem might be. How much of the global economy is based on 'smoke and mirrors' book-keeping
a genuine weak spot in the financial system that could ultimately lead to a meltdown? These are interesting questions for people to ask and it is especially useful for to identify such weak spots. Book cooking is a topical issue in the wake of the implosion of the amazing disintegrating known as Enron.
Both inside and outside the financial world people are asking the question 'How many more Enrons are out there?' we first look at the pressures behind book-cooking with a glimpse at the Wonderland of Accounting

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SpotOption Expands in Hong Kong to Attract More Chinese Binary Brokers  — Forex Magnates
The huge Chinese market has been the major growth factor in the business expansion plans of many brokers and technology providers in the global financial trading industry.

Cambridge University Press Global Business Regulation
Book (Cambridge University Press)
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Learning Company Road Adventures USA
Software (Learning Company)
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What factors led to increased global trade from the 1200s to the 1500s?

The factors that encouraged global trade during the 1400s-1500s were that their ships had improved by making smaller boats and they went faster.Also, they started using triangular sails to change the wind current.Later on they discovered the compass.

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