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Make the most from cross-border trade with HSBC's local and global expertise. You'll get the skills and resources your business requires from our diverse team of specialists. And you'll stay in control,while experiencing the efficiency of the maximum possible automated functions. Your cash management can be seamlessly integrated with your business systems and delivered through proven channels,such as HSBCnet and HSBC Connect.

Maximise your business potential by conducting trade according to best practices. Achieve trading success by drawing on our tools and international trade experience to understand trade regulations,both at home and abroad.

Drive growth by leveraging our widely recognised strengths in product breadth and depth. HSBC has both industry expertise and penetration in sectors such as retail and consumer brands,diversified industries,pharmaceutical,resources and energy. As one of the largest trade and receivables finance organisations in the world,we have local trade experts available to support you wherever you do your business. We'll put you in control of your operations and help you to streamline your trade processes with advanced technology. Our aim is to ensure that your import and export transactions are managed effortlessly and effectively,providing your business with the best possible opportunities to grow.

Benefit from the efficiency offered by online services that are easy to use,yet flexible enough to handle complex needs. Simplify and streamline your payments processes with a range of technological solutions.

Reduce your costs and operational risks with robust integrated banking solutions from HSBC. Our consultative approach provides deeper,more flexible integration between you,your trading partners and your financial institutions. A designated HSBC representative will work with you to understand your needs and,along with our key technology vendors,develop and implement a custom set of solutions.

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Stock Market Crash = MAJOR OPPORTUNITY, Global Economic Crisis
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Does Global Unrest Create Buying Opportunities in the Market?

The CEO of PIMCO net worth is $4,000?

by really?

Three weeks ago my wife, Amy, and I sold our house and moved into a rental apartment. I believe the U.S. housing market is set to cool given the current level of prices and fundamental trends. Recent price gains have likely come primarily from rising speculation and “creative financing” because affordability is declining and inventories are rising. When asset prices diverge from fundamentals, I favor taking the other side of the trade – even if it involves moving. Amy wasn’t thrilled about moving, but my sense is she will look back on our sale and view it as a good one

Global transfer of wealth from the West to the

by rest________HERE_IT_IS

Carol Browner, between her two tours of duty in Washington, served on the Commission for a Sustainable World Society, which is part of the Socialist International. At the Commission’s September meeting in Stockholm, socialists are “offering a different discourse, shifting the current economic paradigm towards one based on greater equity.” In other words, the Commission proposes a global transfer of wealth from the West to the rest.
The XXIII Congress of the Socialist International, held in Athens, Greece last summer, set out the way this transfer is to be accomplished:
The International believes that the global agenda for responding to climate change must be linked to greater efforts to reduce poverty; must include stepped up efforts to cancel the debt of poorer countries and to reduce trade barriers to provide developing countries with better market access; and must e…

Japense Yen

by J6P_is_Clueless

It was the yen (and the Bank of Japan) that was also the single biggest source of cheap money,
which helped fuel the recent and unprecedented bull markets in stocks, real estate and commodities. But it didn’t do it to inflate global asset bubbles. It did it in hopes of jump-starting its own depressed economy. So it offered investors the globe over the cheapest source of financing on the planet…loans at near 0% interest. It was basically FREE money. And so irresistible was it, that investors came from everywhere to dip their toes into the deep waters of this enchanted money pool

The other side of the bridge: XBRL GL and transactions.(XBRL)(global ledger framework)(Column): An article from: Strategic Finance
Book (Institute of Management Accountants)

SpotOption Expands in Hong Kong to Attract More Chinese Binary Brokers  — Forex Magnates
The huge Chinese market has been the major growth factor in the business expansion plans of many brokers and technology providers in the global financial trading industry.

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