International Trade Finance

International Trade Finance and Payment

Smart financing drives the success of any international trade enterprise. Minimize financial risk and increase profitability in your expanding business with KeyBank's tailor-made International Trade Finance services.

Our expert trade finance advisors will supply you with both the liquidity and the confidence you need to take on new international orders and compete more effectively in the global arena, customizing a comprehensive portfolio of financial solutions from the following tools:

  • Export-Import Bank Working Capital Guarantee: Accelerate overseas transactions with pre-export working capital.
  • Export-Import Bank Medium-Term Financing: U.S. exporters can offer overseas buyers attractive financing terms and reduce non-payment risks.
  • Structured Trade Finance: This suite of financial solutions includes deferred payment financing and confirmed amortizing letters of credit.

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International trade seizing up

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By way of background, letters of credit of various sorts are essential for trade. For instance, imagine the difficulty if you are, say, a Chinese manufacturer who wants to sell his wares to buyers overseas. How can he be sure the goods he ships will ever be paid for? Imagine the considerable difficulty and cost of chasing a deadbeat in a foreign country. Letters of credit. issued by banks, assure payment. They can also serve to finance the shipment (ie, fund the inventory while it is in transit).
Not only are banks now leery of lending to each other for much longer than overnight, they are also starting to refuse to honor letters of credit from other banks

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China Beating the US in Asian Trade  — Wall Street Journal
China is leaving the U.S. in the dust when it comes to exporting goods to the rest of Asia. That's the assessment of Ernest Preeg, a senior advisor for international trade and finance at the MAPI Foundation in Arlington, Va. In a new report, Mr.

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