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Trade Finance Corporation Hong Kong

ANZ combines our Commodity and International trade expertise with global reach and local service excellence to deliver a creative suite of Commodity and Traditional Trade Finance with Structured Advisory, which is essential to support you in an increasingly competitive and dynamic global trade space.

ANZ is a recognised Commodity and International Trade brand name, whom has an extensive network of offices in 32 countries. Our trade team has the expertise in meeting your trade financing needs.

Our trade services include:


  • Letter of credit issuance
  • Trust receipt financing
  • Shipping guarantee
  • Inward collection.


  • Letter of credit advising
  • Letter of credit confirmation and discounting
  • Transferable letter of credit
  • Export collection
  • Export negotiation.

Structured trade products

  • Back-to-back LC issuance
  • Front-to-back LC issuance
  • Warehouse finance
  • Oil payment guarantee
  • Receiving finance
  • Pre-export finance.
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