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Accounting is a stimulating and challenging discipline and is considered the language of practical business life. It is not just recording of financial transactions but much more. Accounting professionals are required to keep themselves up to date with the key financial reporting standards, auditing, and disclosure requirements.

The courses provide a solid foundation of the accounting concepts, reporting standards, financial analysis and management.

  • Budgeting ( 5 courses)
  • Financial Accounting ( 15 courses)
  • Management Accounting ( 7 courses)
  • Understanding Financial Statements ( 6 courses)

The after shocks of economic slowdown have taught the financial institutions and many other business houses to take advantage of the current environment as well as the anticipated changes. The current interest rate and regulatory environment is filled with uncertainties. To tackle such issues, here is the set of course offerings that will enable the reader to discuss, quantify, evaluate, and document the various aspects of asset liability management, and liquidity management under the changing conditions of the market.

  • Asset Liability Management ( 28 courses)
  • Financial Institution Analysis - CAMELS Approach ( 8 courses)
  • Global Economic Crisis - Liquidity Management (A 10 courses)
  • Liquidity Management and Contingency Funding Plan ( 14 courses)

Management of a bank branch requires that a branch manager has knowledge of various disciplines. These set of courses are designed to make finance and banking professionals understand the work and functioning of banks in the real world. The courses cover almost all the aspects related to a typical bank branch right from management, operations, execution, and marketing to the support strategies. This can be considered as a complete guide that aids in understanding all aspects of managing a bank branch.

  • Bank Branch Management - Advances ( 7 courses)
  • Bank Branch Management - Bookkeeping and Accounting ( 3 courses)
  • Bank Branch Management - Deposits ( 4 courses)
  • Bank Branch Management - HRM and CSR ( 2 courses)
  • Bank Branch Management - Marketing ( 6 courses)
  • Bank Branch Management - Payment and Settlement System ( 2 courses)
  • Bank Branch Management - Retail Banking ( 4 courses)
  • Bank Branch Management - Risk Management ( 3 courses)
  • Bank Branch Management - Technology and Security ( 4 courses)
  • Bank Teller Training ( 13 courses)

The core banking and finance courses are designed for professionals who are new to the field of finance and banking, and need to acquire basic financial skills. These courses provide a strong foundation of the core concepts in banking and also familiarize the readers with key concepts in finance, economics, and risk.

Core Financial Concepts

  • Economics ( 16 courses)
  • Financial Mathematics ( 8 courses)
  • Project Valuation ( 3 courses)
  • Risk Analysis ( 5 Courses)

The Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation

by 58andfixed

The Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation (DTCC), based primarily at 55 Water Street in New York City, is the world’s largest post-trade financial services company.
It was set up to provide an efficient and safe way for buyers and sellers of securities to make their exchange, and thus "clear and settle" transactions.
It also provides central custody of securities.
DTCC's Depository Trust Company (DTC) provides custody and asset servicing for 3.5 million securities issues, mostly stocks and bonds, from the United States and 110 other countries and territories, valued at $40 trillion, more than any other depository in the world

Northwick Publishers Trade Finance: Payments and Services (Personal Course for Bankers)
Book (Northwick Publishers)

NBC, Metl Group ink 100bn/- loan for oil business  — IPPmedia
In structuring this deal, Absa provided a Structured Trade Finance Facility, Barclays Bank Mauritius funded a Term Facility, whilst NBC has afforded an Overdraft Facility to Star Oils Tanzania Limited.

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  • free course of technical analysis trading
Academic Press The Science of Algorithmic Trading and Portfolio Management
eBooks (Academic Press)
Servicers change course: servicing veterans may hardly recognize the loan administration business today. Strict oversight, uncertainty about Fannie ... SERVICING): An article from: Mortgage Banking
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Why trade finance is attractive to banks?

low risk,profitable,self liquidating and can cross sell

Is a Banking and Finance a hard course?

OK. I understand all courses has they're difficulties. Please answer only if you're directly linked to this question.

I just want to know straight is Banking and Finance a difficult course to study?

How much would you rate its academic rigour.

You will need to learn interest formulas, mortgages, annuity formulas, etc.

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