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Our Short Courses Combinations allow you to combine a range of short courses that compliment each other, so you can gain a better understanding of a chosen business area. These cover the essential themes and issues that effect organisations across the globe and will provide you with an excellent grounding in your choses business field.

  • All short courses are taught in English so a good understanding of the language is required
  • Individuals should have a general interest in finance
  • No specific mathematical background is necessary to join the course

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Certificate in Trading and Analysis

Financial Modelling Trading and Analysis (FMTA) + Financial Modelling Trading Terminals (FMTT)

This combined course unites the key components of the Financial Markets: Trading and Analysis (FMTT) and Financial Markets: Terminal Trading (FMTA) courses. FMTA provides a theoretical overview of investment asset classes and the way financial markets work. The FMTT component equips you with the practical skills to use Bloomberg terminals in analysis of investments in real life scenarios.

You will gain an excellent understanding of the financial markets and will acquire the skills to create automated financial models in Excel. You will also become a confident operator of the Bloomberg terminals. This combination will allow you to investigate the basic structure of financial markets, allowing you to effectively analyse them. The course is ideal preparation for a career in the financial industry.

Certificate in Corporate Valuation

M&A and Equity Valuation + Corporate Finance

This combined programme allows you to develop a comprehensive understanding of corporate valuation and corporate finance.

The course guides you through an in-depth review of issues in corporate finance relating to company pricing. You will learn to analyse the valuation of companies and will gain a solid understanding of the private equity industry. You will be able to fully understand how the finance function is organised and develop an in-depth knowledge of corporate finance. This will allow you to undertake a corporate finance or investment based role with confidence.

Certificate in Accounting for Non-Financial Managers

Understanding Financial Statements + Accounting for Performance and Control

Develop key managerial accounting skills with this combination course, designed to introduce you to financial and managerial accounting as well as the management of financial statements.

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New school offers courses on stock trading, financial analysis
New school offers courses on stock trading, financial analysis

The problem is

by yobria

No matter how much research you do, or software and training courses you buy (funny how the guys selling that stuff can't just trade their way to millions and retire), you're never going to be able to consistently guess future currency market movements.
Better to focus on something that will actually benefit you. Trading benefits only the financial services companies.

I agree.

by ruggedboy1

I do want to do it for the experience and get a better sense on how the market behaves.
I do have a degree in mathematics with a lot of courses speciaizling in manging risk in finance and insurance. I am also doing a financial risk management designation, so I am learning and hoping to apply those skills in the market, but we all know that school is kind of useless because the models we've learned mostly don't even acurately predict the market but it gives us a sense and reasoning on why the model was developed and some of the ideas they used is really inspiring, i especially fell love the black-scholes models and their trading strategies

You need to have a plan

by Nulliusinverba

The fact that you have the skills to make a good income is a plus. I wonder if your employer would allow you to telecommute or allow you to work a more flexible schedule, where you work longer hours but fewer days, and of course, find a job closer to home. How about moving to another state that might suit you better?... Those are all short term goals. You need to save enough money so you can do what you like, as you have stated. With that in mind, sit tight while you formulate a plan. Make sacrifices now (putting up with the job) because that will enable your long term goal. I don't think you should jump into a different career just yet until you have a nice financial safety net built

Day Trading

by FWLittle

Hi. I watch the market daily for hours and for the last four years. I have a strong financial background, business college credits (economics,
accounting), investment funds, math aptitude, ok
intelligence and endless market curiosity. I'm still lower in return than I was in 2007 except for Apple. A cautious senior, when I analyze spending a dollar, I DEMAND value, seek growth, desire good performance and accept medium risk.
There are experts available to consult for well
reasoned share, bond, instrument, currency, fund, option or instrument decisions. They've often trained long and well, some with 50 years experience

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