Trade Finance courses in Malaysia

The UK, with more than 60 institutions offering Islamic finance courses and 22 universities offering degree programs, and Malaysia with 50 course providers and 18 universities, are the global leaders in Islamic finance education and research, said a report.

The UAE, which boasts of 31 course providers and nine universities offering degree programs in Islamic finance, comes in the third spot, followed by Pakistan, according to the initial findings by the Islamic Corporation for the Development of the Private Sector (ICD)-Thomson Reuters Islamic Finance Development Indicator.

Earlier this year, Thomson Reuters, a leading provider of intelligent information for businesses and professionals and ICD announced the creation of the Islamic finance development indicator, a numerical measure representing the overall health and growth of the Islamic finance industry worldwide.

The IFDI will be officially launched at the Global Islamic Economy Summit, being organised by Thomson Reuters and the Dubai Chamber of Commerce & Industry from November 25 to 26 in Dubai.

It aims to expand the scope of Thomson Reuters' universe of Islamic finance content, research and news analysis and to develop an unbiased multi-dimensional barometer for the development of the Islamic finance industry.

The indicator measures five key components - quantitative development, governance, social responsibility, knowledge and awareness.

The IFDI recorded 420 institutions offering courses in Islamic finance and over 113 universities offering Islamic finance degrees.

Russell Haworth, the managing director (Mena) for Thomson Reuters, said: "This indicator, the first of its kind for the Islamic economy, will provide companies with much needed unbiased and reliable multi-dimensional analysis regarding the development of the Islamic finance industry."

The development of Islamic finance educational infrastructure will be a key driver for the establishment of the Islamic finance industry, which is why we chose the topic for our first IFDI analysis, he stated.

Based on its analysis, the IFDI has found that the UK is the global leader in Islamic finance education with over 60 institutions offering Islamic finance courses and 22 universities offering degree programs specializing in Islamic finance.

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LA Trade Tech

Has a series of courses on Finance, Budgeting, Credit (repair), Mortgage, Buying and Selling.
All geared to the first-timer, low-income, community-oriented, etc.
Classes started today for Winter. Best bet is to go there now. (Washington and Grand, downtown LA, you can take the Blue Line, or otherwise, plan some extra time to find parking, its the first week of class...)

Do you think the economy will be fixed

by in_4_years?

I've noticed no job ads in NYC, particularly under finance/business where most of the good jobs used to be posted. I'm currently finishing up school in a "trade" school, but it's for a skill I can actually use that pays more than most college jobs. The thing is, I was considering taking college courses part time and maybe supplement this with at least an associates degree, but maybe a bachelors.
I figure if shit improves by the end of the 4 years then hey, I have a second option if this first one falls apart.

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