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SP Business School Is At The Forefront Of Financial Education Once Again!

SP Business School, in partnership with the Centre for Enabled Living (CEL), will be conducting customised Financial Education workshops for persons needing care. This is in line with SP’s corporate responsibility of reaching out to the public and its heart for the community and its increasing position in providing financial literacy to the public.

SP Business School is privileged to work closely with CEL and support its main mission is to reach out and help persons needing care in areas of financial literacy, such as how to manage their money and to plan their savings and retirement. "Persons needing care" includes persons with special needs as well as their caregivers. The workshops will be conducted at Special Education Schools, and venues convenient for caregivers, and will commence after the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding on Tuesday 11 January 2011.

The MoU signing was witnessed by SP’s Principal, Mr Tan Hang Cheong.

SP's gain is two-fold: first, it will enhance SP's reputation of reaching to the public and its heart for the community; second, it will strengthen our position in providing financial literacy to the public.

Financial Education Workshop

Following on from the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding between Singapore Polytechnic and the Centre for Enable Living, one of SP Business School’s Senior Lecturers, Mr David Tan, conducted a Financial Education Workshop for parents and care-givers of children attending Grace Orchard School on 27 May 2011.

Mr David Tan is one of SP Business School’s financial education experts, having lectured Credit Risk Analysis & Management, Wealth Advisory, International Trade Finance, Financial Planning and Financial Markets & Institutions since 2003. He also published a book entitled “Making The Most Of Credit” in 2009, which was commissioned by Citibank.

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LA Trade Tech

Has a series of courses on Finance, Budgeting, Credit (repair), Mortgage, Buying and Selling.
All geared to the first-timer, low-income, community-oriented, etc.
Classes started today for Winter. Best bet is to go there now. (Washington and Grand, downtown LA, you can take the Blue Line, or otherwise, plan some extra time to find parking, its the first week of class...)

Do you think the economy will be fixed

by in_4_years?

I've noticed no job ads in NYC, particularly under finance/business where most of the good jobs used to be posted. I'm currently finishing up school in a "trade" school, but it's for a skill I can actually use that pays more than most college jobs. The thing is, I was considering taking college courses part time and maybe supplement this with at least an associates degree, but maybe a bachelors.
I figure if shit improves by the end of the 4 years then hey, I have a second option if this first one falls apart.

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