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International Trade Finance Program

This document preceeds an IEG evaluation and provides information on the key questions, rationale, scope, and evaluation approach. Annual Review of Development Effectiveness These annual reviews are a meta-evaluation that provide a comprehensive assessment of the Bank's development effectiveness. They offer a broad assessment of the Bank's contribution to development effectiveness, drawing on project evaluations and IEG sector, thematic and country reviews.

Programmatic partnerships in which the partners dedicate resources, the activities of the program are global, regional or multicountry in scope, and the partners establish a new organization with shared governance and a management unit to deliver activities.

Resources that offer access to key findings, recommendations, lessons, and knowledge-products drawn from the World Bank Group's development experiences. These include lesson notes, briefs, summaries, cluster reports and working papers.

Completed projects are evaluated through Project Performance Assessment Reports (PPARs) and Implementation Completion Report (ICR) Reviews. They are carried out after Bank funds have been fully disbursed to a project, are similar to the completion evaluations carried out by many agencies.

Thematic Reviews examine Bank performance and experience in a lending sector (such as agriculture, transport, and the like) or thematic area (poverty, gender, and so forth) over five to ten years and report on their conformity to Bank policy and good practice, as well as on the development effectiveness of the Bank's activities.

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NBC, Metl Group ink 100bn/- loan for oil business  — IPPmedia
In structuring this deal, Absa provided a Structured Trade Finance Facility, Barclays Bank Mauritius funded a Term Facility, whilst NBC has afforded an Overdraft Facility to Star Oils Tanzania Limited.

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Where can an East african Company source trade finance backed by bank guarantees for its activities?

Rating of East African countries and companies are poor.There are more defaulters.Many are blacklisted.You have to get finance from banks in East Africa.It will be easier get credit from Citi bank if they are there.

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