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Trade Financing Program

The Arab Trade Financing Program of the AMF facilities that finance Egypt's foreign trade is up to USD 1.

Summary: BEIRUT: A $15 million line of credit agreement was concluded on Wednesday between Banque Libano-Francaise (BLF), represented by its CEO, Farid Raphael, and the Arab Trade Financing Program (ATFP) represented by its CEO Jassim al-Mannai.Minister of Finance Mohammad Abu Hammour told Petra after signing the deal with President of the AMF, Jassem al-Manaai, that the Kingdom has secured a further $20 million to its previous $50 million loan through the AMF Arab Trade Financing Program ATFP.

Buy and trade in


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Chrysler's 30-day return program fine print

by canttunafish

* On 2006 model year vehicles only. See participating dealer for details. Customer responsible for all taxes, 5% MSRP restocking fee, .50 per mile driven, and all financing and insurance charges. Retail sales only when financed though Chrysler Financial. One return per customer. Vehicle must be returned to selling dealer in good condition within 30 days. Trade-ins are not eligible.
So if you drive the vehicle 500 miles in the first 28 days and want to return the $40k vehicle, it would cost you at least $4650 for the month!

I Agree

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The community college courses are well worth the time. excellent instructors, typically old horses from the trade, and perhaps some guest speakers that bring high level expertise in specialty trades like law, econ and financing.
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Arab Trade Financing Program Handbook
Book (Intl Business Pubns USA)

NBC, Metl Group ink 100bn/- loan for oil business  — IPPmedia
In structuring this deal, Absa provided a Structured Trade Finance Facility, Barclays Bank Mauritius funded a Term Facility, whilst NBC has afforded an Overdraft Facility to Star Oils Tanzania Limited.

Arab Trade Financing Program (ATFP) Handbook (World Strategic and Business Information Library)
Book (International Business Publications, USA)
International Trade Financing (Manual) : RMA Educational Program Series
Book (Robert Morris Associates)
International Trade Administration Export Programs Guide; A Business Guide to Federal Export Assistance
eBooks (International Trade Administration)
Financial Research Program, National Bureau of Economic Research The effect of war on business financing: manufacturing and trade, World War I (National Bureau of Economic Research. Financial Research Program. Our economy in war)
Book (Financial Research Program, National Bureau of Economic Research)

Popular Q&A

In establishing a study program for Islamic, Sharia-compliant finance, are you trying to facilitate an Islamic takeover of the United States?

[Laughs] No. Islamic finance is one of the most opportune ways to engage with the Islamic world right now if you are concerned about terrorism. It strengthens economic links, it is being put forward by sort of the most Western-leaning individuals throughout the Muslim world, it draws them closer to the Western financial system. There are many, many aspects of it that are extremely favorable to a Western point of view. It's worlds apart from anything related to terrorism.

Why should we believe you?

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